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Guangzhou Hechengdonglihui Machinery Parts Co., Ltd., The predecessor company (Yinghuan construction machinery parts manufacturer) was established in 2005, and has always maintained a good cooperative relationship with foreign Carter suppliers and accessories manufacturers. Since 2008, we have been mainly engaged in caterpillar C7 / C9 / C13 engine accessories. Guangzhou stands out in the world's largest engineering accessories market. In 2016, another new company (Guangzhou synthetic power collection machinery parts Co., Ltd.) was established, which is the special distributor of Perkins brand pure parts in Guangzhou, China. In 2018, the agent of Japanese brand TP (more advanced engine overhaul parts, original factory + OEM accessories). In 2019, DSG will be introduced as the general agent of China. In the same year (Guangzhou synthetic power collection machinery parts Co., Ltd.) was renamed as (Guangzhou calf power mechanical parts Co., Ltd.). Main business: 1. Caterpillar original / OEM / accessory parts; 2. British Perkins genuine parts; 3. General agent of DSG in China; 4. Japanese TP high end OEM parts Business philosophy: 1. "Reputation first", "quality first", "service first"' 2. No one has me, but I am superior to others; 3. Adhere to the integrity, pragmatic, efficient scientific management, people-oriented, to trust the city. Looking forward to cooperating with the majority of users, mutual benefit and common development with you is the dream of all of us!